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Spring Car Hire Rates  
Please Note: These rates figures are valid for the "Spring" months for Cape Town, South Africa. These months include October to November (inclusive).  

Vehicle Grp Daily & KM rate Type 3-6 p/day 200km per day 7-14 p/day 200km per day 15-30 p/day 200km per day 90% Cover Excess
Cheapy Toyota Tazz with radio/cdplayer A1 M Y         R1.80 per km Std R190 R170 R140 R3500
Super R260 R230 R200 R1000
Golf Tenacity with cd player A2 M Y         R1.80 per km Std R190 R170 R140 R3500
Super R270 R240 R190 R1000
cheapy 1.3 Toyota Tazz WITH AIRCONDITIONING & cd player AA2 M Y Y       R1.80 per km Std R220 R200 R180 R3500
Super R250 R240 R210 R1000
older Gorgeous Hyundai Getz FULL HOUSE MP3 player & Elecric windows AA3 M Y Y   Y Y R2.00 per km Std R240 R220 R170 R4000
Super R300 R290 R260 R1000
Hyundai Atos MANUAL Light on fuel AA4 M Y Y   Y Y R2.00 per km Std R200 R180 R160 R3500
Super R270 R250 R240 R1000
AUTOMATIC KIA PiCANTO OLD and NEW AA5 A Y Y   Y Y R2.00 per km Std R250 R220 R190 R3500
Super R280 R270 R250 R1000
New Automatic Hyundai I10 Bluetooth & USB A6 A Y Y Y Y Y R3.00 per km Std R320 R290 R250 R4500
Super R410 R360 R350 R2000
NEW Toyota Etios Hatchback LIGHT ON FUEL AA6 M Y Y   Y Y R1.80 per km Std R300 R250 R240 R4500
Super R370 R350 R330 R1000
NEW Manual Hyundai I10 LIGHT on FUEL B1 M Y Y Y Y Y R2.50 per km Std R300 R270 R240 R4500
Super R410 R370 R360 R1000
AUTOMATIC Honda Jazz Full house older B2 A Y Y Y Y Y R2.00 per km Std R270 R260 R240 R4000
Super R320 R280 R270 R1000
1.6 VW Polo Classic manual transmission B3 M Y Y Y Y Y R2.50 per km Std R300 R280 R260 R4500
Super R360 R340 R280 R1500
Fuel Efficient Comfortable Toyota Etios Sedan 1.5 B4 M Y Y Y Y Y R 2.50 Std R320 R290 R270 R4500
Super R390 R380 R360 R1500
MANUAL older 1.6 Toyota Corolla GLE OLDER B4 M Y Y Y Y Y R2.20 per km Std R250 R240 R220 R4000
Super R360 R300 R290 R1000
Automatic Almera 1.6 with airbags, cd player B6 A Y Y   Y Y R2.00 perkm Std R220 R200 R180 R4000
Super R330 R300 R250 R1500
1.6 AUTOMATIC Toyota Corolla GLE 2007 B5 A Y Y Y Y Y R2.20 per km Std R300 R230 R200 R4000
Super R380 R350 R330 R1500
Automatic Full House Toyota Corolla Quest C1 A Y Y Y Y Y R3.00 perkm Std R340 R330 R290 R5500
Super R500 R450 R400 R1000
AUTOMATIC Chevrolet Aveo Sedan 1.6 C2 A Y Y Y Y Y R2.50 perkm Std R290 R280 R240 R4000
Super R390 R370 R340 R1000
Luxury 7 Seater Toyota Innova 2.7i + towbar D M Y Y   Y   R4.00 perkm Std R580 R550 R480 R5500
Super R800 R750 R650 R2000
7 seater Toyota Condor 2.4 TE older E M Y Y   Y   R3.00 per km Std R460 R420 R400 R5000
Super R650 R580 R550 R2000
OLD VW Sharan LUXURY Manual Full House 7 seater M M Y Y Y Y Y R 4.00 Std R580 R550 R500 R6000
Super R800 R700 R600 R2000

Rates include:   Rates exclude:

24 hour road side assistance with the Automobile Association

200 km FREE per days! (Other packages can be arranged)

Theft and collision damage waiver is included in the rate

Credit Card Levy

Value Added Tax @ 14%

Tourism Levy

Delivery & Collection within a certain radius


R45.00 once off Contract Fee

Re-fuelling of Vehicle

One way drop off charges

Baby seat cost @ R300.00 per rental

Young driver surcharge of R350.00 once off per hire per 30 days

Water and undercarriage damage to car not covered

Damages to: Tyres, Glass, Upholstery, Hubcaps, Mags, Rims, Radios, Aerials, Keys & Immobilizers